Haiti Box Outreach

Be a blessing to a child in Haiti this Christmas. Your gift may be the only gift they receive all year! Our goal is 500 boxes to bless each child in Droulliard, one of the many schools we support through International Missions Outreach in Haiti.

Here's how you can be a blessing:
  1. Get a plastic shoe box (we have them available to purchase at the church) that is 12x6x7.
  2. Mark each box on the outside: Boy or Girl with one of the following age groups (Ages 3-5, 6-10 or 11 and older).
  3. Include the required items listed on the back.
  4. Fill the rest of the box with toys, etc. (suggestions are below).
  5. Pray for the child that will receive your gift and for the love of Jesus to be made known to them.
  6. Bring the box to New Life Church by August 15 (No need to wrap it).
  7. We ask that you also please donate $5 per box for shipping.
Suggested Items to Fill Your Box

Required Items:
Soap (mild fragrance in zip-lock bag)
Pens / Pencils
Glue (In zip-lock bag)

More items to fill your box:
Jump rope, Sunglasses, Jacks, Puzzles, Socks, Lego's, Chalk, Jewelry, Scotch Tape, Ruler, Balls (deflated), Slinky, Solar Calculators, Hats, Yo-Yo, Marbles, Combs, Paper, Erasers, Trucks, Small Toys, Stickers, Candy (non-melting, no chocolate), Cars, Watercolor Paint Set, Wrist Watch, Dolls, Pump for balls, Sewing Kit, Stuffed Animal, Fabric, Flash Cards, Body Lotion, Deodorant, Body Powder.

No characters or toys with horns, no war toys and no breakable items. Also no Jolly Rancher Candy.
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